Reviews and Testimonials about Jeanie and Team

Dear Jeanie, just want to send a heartfelt thanks for all of your assistance in the sale of my home. This process was very new to me but because of your thorough knowledge of the real estate industry and it's processes the result was a win win situation for all. Thanks to Melissa as well although we have never met we could not have done this without you. Finally, because of Jeannie I have decided to pursue real estate as a career for my retirement years. In closing I want to thank Xome for its existence because if I had not ventured online that first day I would not have met any of you all.


T Renae, Seller of Xome's On Line Auction


Dear Jeanie, thank you for everything you and your superstar team did to successfully short sell our property and save us from foreclosure. Your work ethic and tenacity are beyond reproach! As we know, it was a very windy road and an emotional up and down process with multiple offers that fell through (I believe it was six) with a foreclosure deadline closing in. I never once felt that you were winding down, giving up, or losing hope, even when I was. You and your team consistently rose to every occasion working endless hours and holding open house after open house to make sure the sale would happen. I came to you for assistance, guidance and help in troubled times and you made me feel confident you would help us achieve a happy ending. You have given me and my family the opportunity to move on with closure and dignity and I will be forever grateful to you!


- Antoinette M, Short Sold Home Owner, Brisbane CA
" This was our second home purchase in as many years and Jeanie was on the TOP of the situation from the word GO! I can't express in words how I/WE feel about Jeanie's Professionalism, Attitude, and Devotion to her job and specifically her clients! Jeanie was and IS FANTASTIC! Thank you Jeanie!!
- Garry & Maria, Seller/Buyer in South San Francisco, CA 


Jeanie Russell went above & beyond for us as our Real Estate Agent. She came through for us on so many levels & we truly appreciated her help & thorough knowledge of the short sale process. We needed a lot of "hand holding" throughout the process & she was so patient & happy to help. I really don't think we would have been able to see this transaction through without her steadfast support & positive attitude. I would highly recommend Jeanie to anyone who is looking to sell or buy a home, especially if a client is facing a short sale. She knows her stuff!

~ Melissa & Alex, Short Sold Home Owner, Foster City CA


Thanks again. It does take a good team and great coordination to close escrow these days, doesn’t it? It was a pleasure working with you two as well. I’m looking forward to the next one.

- Ed And Loida, VP, Sr. Loan Consultant, Bank of America

" Hard worker, dependable, and advocate for client. Prompt with answering phone calls at any hour."
- Buyer, Alameda County 


“Thank you for working hard to meet my goals. It meant a lot to me to not have to worry. I appreciate all the advice and patience you’ve given to us. Jeanie provided excellent customer service. She communicated with us every step of the way and knew what we would like and not like. She provided advice and guidance when we looked for it and made sure we were her priority during appointments. We trusted her expertise and knowledge completely. Mark and I were spoiled by your thorough communication and hand-holding. Thanks again for everything!”

~ Michelle and Mark, buyers, Daly City CA

"Just wanted to say Thank You so Much!!! We are so very happy with our new home and we owe it all to you. Especially during Crunch Time. Your professionalism and total knowledge of the entire process kept us at ease through it all. We will and already have recommended you to our friends. We really appreciated your quick response to all our questions and concerns. Than you Again!
- Gary and Aileen, in South San Francisco & Daly City CA, Seller/Buyer 
" Jeanie was very helpful. She listened to our needs and I felt that she tailored according to our needs. Most importantly, I am grateful that she was able to make the process as easy as possible and kept us well informed of what to expect all throughout the home buyer process. I will definitely recommend Jeanie to any one who is looking to buy a home... Thanks a million."
- Buyer, in Santa Clara County 


“Jeanie Russell is absolutely the best real estate agent you could ever find in a lifetime. She is professional, dedicated, attentive, detail-oriented, warm, friendly, trustworthy and loyal. She will truly go to bat for you and protect you every step of the way. She will constantly communicate and guide you so you never feel out of the loop about anything. Jeanie handled both my transactions (sale & purchase) beautifully. Many thanks Jeanie!”

~ Diana, Buyer and Seller, Oakland CA


“Thanks Jeanie, You made it happen and did all the great work for me. My part was easy. Thanks so much for your patience and assistance.”

~ Henry, Buyer, San Jose CA


"Jeanie, thank you so much for your kindness and for taking the time out to talk with me. It sure says a lot about you."

~ Bebe, KW, Solano County, Real estate agent


"Hi Jeanie, I am working on How to stage your home to sell and get top dollar.... I admire your passion in wanting to help are a woman with true integrity. I enjoy being around you and speaking with you..."

~ Yvette, Home Stager


"Jeanie: Thanks for a great job! Just want to say thank you so much for your excellent job on my referral Rogena and Reggie. You took a client that was in distress and managed to formulate a strategy that will help them out with their short sale and incredibly get them into a dream house before their credits are ruined! Your hard work, attention to detail, and knowledge is really impressive. I will not hesitate to refer more clients to you! Once again, thanks for job well done!”

~ M. Chiu, VP, Bay Cal Financial

" Jeanie Russell has been very professional and personable. My husband and I appreciate Jeanie's work ethics, attention to details and quick response to phone calls, emails, etc. She is definitely a go-getter!"
- Rose B, South San Francisco and San Carlos CA Seller/Buyer 
" Congratulations to you as well! I just wanted to thank you and your team for all your hard work! We greatly appreciate how smooth the process went thanks to your efforts. We want to wish Kim and Joseph many years of happiness and memories in their new home.
Jeff, realtor at coldwell banker 


“We met Ms. Russell through the [company's] website. She responded immediately with warm words of welcome and how she aims to assist us as prospective clients. With such an approach, we were sold to her. Her presence and professionalism was plausible to how she portrayed herself via internet. She was confident and not pushy; encouraging but not sappy; candid without being offensive and displayed a level of concern without forcing her views. Ms. Russell possessed vast knowledge of the [company’s] design, the real estate business, and the areas in which we have selected to visit homes. She displayed such expertise during each home visit.

It delighted us that she knows the local districts and their properties so well to present seemingly infinite information about the, which channeled our interested and navigated our home buying decision. Along with a high level of professional ethics, Jeanie made sharing our house hunting woes with her very easy and comfortable to express. She counteracted our frustrations and disappointments with facts of the real estate business and how to best approach upcoming decisions to possibly avoid more frustration. Some aggravation she was not able to thwart, but she listened and supplied education with which we could better digest our exasperations. She doesn’t sing swan songs, nor does she perform serenades – she is honest about the business, give[s] precise answers to questions and severs emotion from commerce. Ms. Russell is consistent and passionate about getting us the home that we desire. We are confident with Jeanie’s approach and share her zealous energy within the process. She has heightened the quality of our home buying experience. We are extremely pleased with her service…”

Update: “Tony and I are having a quiet evening admiring our home last night, recounting each phase we went through in obtaining it. And of course, you came up in how dynamic you were as an agent. We were saying how we are going to invite you over as our first guest (when we get the proper furniture)? Anyway, the house is just grand. The neighbors are wonderful. We are still trying to get use[d] to the idea of “ownership.” We get out some weekends and go to open houses to compare. It is very rare that we find a home on the market that is as clean and well-kept as ours. We are so very happy!” 

~ Anthony & Adrienne, Buyers, South SF CA

" I was the listing agent of a property in Daly City and Jeanie presented a contingent offer in a multiple offer situation. Similarly my clients were ready to move quite a distance away for job relocation. There were a total of three offers, the other two were not contingent and the offers were all close. Because of the positive manner in which Jeanie presents herself, the sellers, after our consultation made the decision to go with Jeanie and the offer she presented. Jeanie completed her commitments during that transaction in such a timely and professional manner that we even closed a couple of days earlier than we expected. I could not have had a smoother transaction even in a simpler situation. She held it all together and the outcome was a win-win situation for all involved. Jeanie and I worked so well together and had such respect for the work ethic of one other that we have remained friends. i think that probably could not be a higher recommendation - that she is not only a "get the job done" agent and a pleasure to work with professionally but a wonderful lady on a human level also"
- Cheryl, Realtor - Prudential CA Realty 


“…I am very impressed by your willingness to go the extra mile.”

~ Kathy, Buyer

" I just spoke with Mr. and Mrs. Brulet and might I say that they are very much impressed with you and the services you have provided them thus far! They had many wonderful things to say about you!"
- Tina L, First Mortgage loan consultant 


“I’m still in the process of searching for a home and Jeanie is always there to keep me posted with the new homes for sale. I just wanted to thank you for the very good service.”

~Bien, buyer, San Jose CA

" I just want to say that I'm very impressed with your service!"
- Katrina, Buyer
" I have been working with Jeanie for the past couple of months and I just want to say she is a terrific agent. Jeanie is friendly, knowledgeable, helpful, experienced, and aggressive all in one and she has provided wonderful assistance to our family's home search process so far."
- Marcus T, Millbrae Buyer 


"Jeannie, corresponding with you gives me hope again. I was feeling pretty bummed about my situation lately. Thank you."

~ Elizabeth, Short Sale Home Owner, San Francisco CA


“Thanks for all your help – you have been great!”

~ Dorie, Buyer


“…thank you so much for your help. You’ve been very warm and very personal.”

~ Cathy, Buyer


"Jeanie, I'm very happy to see that we are continuing to work hard toward our goals. We will overcome any obstacles when we keep things in perspective. We want to continue our long term relationship and friendship beyond the current business transaction with you. I'm very sure we will have more opportunities to work together in the near future. Cheers,"

~Thanhy, Buyer

"Thanks Jeanie for helping us achieving our dreams as a first time home buyer. Great job, it was very nice working with you"
- AB, buyer in Pacifica, CA

 "Jeanie Russell gave us phenomenal service... she educated us on how the real estate market works. this information afforded us expedient and sound decision-making toward our first home purchase. She was candid patient, witty, and aggressive. Ms. Russell responded to all our questions and concerns with concise answers and supportive information. Jeanie Russell is a prized jewel in the real estate business and as a representative of any brokerage firm! We are already planning a time line for our second home purchase and we are so confident with Jeanie's sills, we plan to continue working with her."

- Adrienn S, South San Francisco  CA proud home owner
“It was a pleasure working with Jeanie. She was thorough and very patient with me and my family throughout the entire process. She was there for support throughout the process and was wonderful with the moral support! She made being a first-time buyer a little less scary!”

~ Saida, Buyer, Walnut Creek CA


"Jeanie, it is a small world and I'm glad it's populated with winners like you! Best Always,"

~ Elaine, Broker Associate


“We…felt like you listened to what we wanted and spoke plainly and truthfully to us. Thanks!”

~ Roy and Robin, Buyer, South SF CA


"Hi Jeanie! It's me, Geraldine (a.k.a Ferdie's wife). First off, want to say thanks for helping us with the property. Everything went smoothly with all your hard work and diligence. Secondly, because we were so happy with your service, I'd like to refer a good friend [...] to you. She is a fellow nurse. Her son has been looking for a house in the SF area and it so happens we were talking one day, and I said they should look into short sales. I told her, "Our agent specializes in short sales and ...." She's been asking for your number ever since!"

~ Geraldine & Ferdie, Buyers & Sellers, in South San Francisco and in Pacifica CA


Hi, Jeanie. I want to give you a quick update... We are the proud owners of a new property in ... Walnut Creek...

We are ecstatic! We got our keys last Friday, and we are well in the process of remodeling. If it wasn't for you,

your belief in us, and your support during our short sale transaction, we wouldn't be here. Thank you so much!

~ Julio and Elvia, Short Sold Home Owners, El Sobrante


"We can’t thank you enough for all of your hard work and incredible efficiency. You have made this a truly pleasurable experience for us. Thank You Once Again.”

~ Alex & Melissa, Buyer, Foster City CA


“You have demonstrated excellent follow-up and eagerness to be of assistance.”

~ Michael, buyer


“[Jeanie] portrayed professionalism, integrity and as a result I will not hesitate to recommend… My wife and I are extremely satisfied with this experience from the moment Jeanie called me to offer…services to the very end when she handed me my new house key. Thank you…and again, thank you very much, Jeanie.”

~ Chris & Flora, Buyer, San Mateo CA


Thanks so much, Shelbie. This is really helpful info. I'll let you know how my rental project goes.

~ L, Investor/Landlord, Daly City CA


Once again, congratulations for closing the short sale...It meant a lot to sellers and buyers. You did a Great Job!

~ Residential and Commercial Real Estate, Broker Associate Suma, buyer agent


“Jeanie is very dedicated, hardworking and dependable. I'd trust her in a heartbeat.

~ Mansoor, Real Estate Agent


Thank you, Jeanie... I appreciate everything. Your whole team was great to work with, and I look forward to another transaction soon! Best of luck to you!

~ Bruno, Broker


Thank you, Jeanie, for you and Shelbie's help. The entire process was quicker and easier than I originally expected. I can finally move on from here.

~ Jacky K, approved short seller, Hayward CA


Jeanie and her team are the best! (Especially Shelbie). As everyone knows, the entire process of buying a home is, both at the same time, one of the most important and stressful events in one's life. From start to finish, Jeanie and her team were hands on and always accessible. She showed considerable knowledge and experience in dealing with all of the issues needed to be dealt with. In our case, this was invaluable as we were dealing with a short sale. Jeanie and her team have good connections to all of the players that were involved in the transaction. Whenever needed, she was there for us. She is both professional and down to earth. You couldn't ask for more in a realtor. On top of this, her team was able to provide valuable services and referrals to us after the actual sale and recording. She comes with our highest recommendations, and we almost want to buy another house to be able to interact with her more.

~ Jonah and Raquel, Short sold home buyers, South SF CA


Hi Jeanie, By the way I called HOA to ask for my invoice she emailed it to me, they reversed the charges 10 days after you talk to ...You have been a great friend to us, thank you for being so great.Have a wonderful day, talk to you soon.

~ Maggie, buyer & seller, Fremont & San Francisco CA


Hi, Jeanie. Thank you for having my company stage your listing in Daly City. I just wanted you to know how impressed I was with your assistant, Shelbie. I found her to be exceedingly helpful, kind, smart, very real, and nothing less than a Wonder Woman! She's a real find. Tell her hi and thank you for all her help.

~ Pamela, Stager


Hello David, I wanted you to know that Jeanie and Shelbie recently helped me purchase a condominium, and their customer service was outstanding. They frequently went out of their way to accommodate my schedule and my needs, often driving all the way down to my house to sign papers. They immediately addressed any questions I had (and I had many), so I always felt they were right beside me making this deal. If I had a question or issue with a third party we were dealing with, they always intervened and resolved the issue promptly. They were available and ready to help days, nights, and weekends, and I suspect they function on very little sleep. Jeanie and Shelbie were extremely thorough and had excellent follow-through, so I had no loose ends to deal with after the purchase. Most noteworthy, they didn't "disappear" after the purchase was finalized; instead, to my surprise, they continued to help me with renovations and upgrades to the unit by screening contractors, arranging for estimates, and coordinating schedules. This level of support is unheard of in real estate; they are truly gems of the industry! Thank you.

~ Laurie M, Investor/Buyer, Daly City CA


Shelbie and Bianca, I received the hardcopies today. Thanks so much for the extra effort. I know it was a lot of work and I really appreciate it. You do a great job!

~ L, investor/buyer, San Mateo CA


Hi Jeanie, Congratulations for your effort in helping the seller to come out of their real estate issues. You did a Great job...! and Your team of Shelbie & Bianca were also very good! I am here by sending a small token of appreciation for doing business with me. We appreciate your effort. Without you, our deal would Not have been possible. I will definitely help you in our next transaction when you bring your buyers. With lots of love,
~ Suma, Broker Associate


"Jeanie is an assertive, go-get-'em agent who closes deals expediently. She is a strong negotiator and always well-prepared for meetings which is a rare quality."

~ Broker, Aimee


“I had the pleasure of working with and learning from Jeanie when we worked together in a real estate company. Jeanie is very professional and attentive with her clients and incredibly helpful to her colleagues. She always took the time to answer any questions thoroughly. I would recommend her not only as a Realtor but also as an employee.”

~ Ilona Barskaya, Realtor


“Jeanie is without a doubt an expert in her job. While working with Jeanie, we never have to worry about anything. She gets the job done and goes above and beyond her responsibilities. What a great person and friend we have found.” Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity, hired Jeanie as a Real Estate Agent and hired Jeanie more than once.

~ Joanne & Rich, Buyer/Seller/Investors, Morgan Hill & San Jose & Fairfield, CA & S. CA


“Jeanie is a phenomenal Realtor! Aside from working very closely with her clients and fulfilling their needs, she found the time to mentor and guide new agents with patience and finesse. Jeanie is extremely knowledgeable, detail oriented, and very customer focused.

~ Marcus, Realtor


Hi Jeanie, Just wanted to take a minute to Thank you for all your hard work in every deal you touch...I really appreciate having you as my pal, my friend and associate.

~ Ron, Realtor


Hi Alex and Melissa, we are expecting a 2ndoffer today or tomorrow, fyi. That's awesome news.... definitely a testament to yours and Shelby's hard work. Thanks for the update.

~ Alex & Melissa, San Bruno CA


"When I first met Jeanie Russell, she gave me a great first impression since she did not only arrive on time to our appointments but arrived a bit earlier than stated. Jeanie provides great professionalism to get the job done and provides great warmth, patient and trust in building a loyal relationship throughout my journey of finding my first home. Bottom line is that she helped me close my short sale home that I love dearly and made sure that I am protected/satisfied from beginning to the end. As a first-time home owner, I can say that she made my first time home purchase process easier and less stressful than I had ever imagined. Even at the time I got my keys, she was there with me and made a point that the unit is supposed to be cleaned up more and took the initiative with her team member to get a cleaner for me in making sure that I am fully satisfied. Thank you for exceeding my expectations and still answering my questions even after my home is bought.

~ Irene, short sale home buyer, San Francisco CA

"Thank you..,.I love the personable way you conduct business."
- Evangelina 


Thank you JEANIE they (my friends looking to buy in Belmont, San Mateo) think your "awesome" !!

~ Meyer, Inspector


"Thanks for all of your hard work & patience. If it wasn’t for you, we would still be stuck with the condo. You never gave up & that’s what made all of the difference!"

~ Melissa and Alex, Foster City

" On behalf o my mom, Carita, and my fiance, Arvin, I would like to thank you so very much for all the work and time you've put into help us. We appreciate you being there every step of the way and for being a part of the ups & downs of getting a home. We are ecstatic that we finally got one and it was our pleasure to have done this business with you. Thank you."
- Rosa-L, Arvin, and Clarity, Buyer in Daly City CA. 


Awesome, you're welcome! Also, I gave you an $xxx discount for the order partially because the process...but also because you are really great to work with and I think you deserve it!

~ Oakley Signs & Graphics, Lindia


WOW, approved and am getting some back (that was unexpected) ... Jeanie-I cannot thank you and your team enough for all your hard work and dedication to get my short sale rental property sold!Very grateful! Thank you! Malia & John

~ Malia&John, Short Sale, Investor, Sacramento CA


Here you go Jeanie... Signed Docs. Can't say enough what a great job you are doing!

~ Teressa Martichonok, Broker


Dear Jeanie and team, Thank you so much for the successful short sale of my property. Your diligence and commitment throughout the arduous process paid off in the end, especially considering us having to go through the process multiple times. You certainly went above and beyond on my behalf. Your enthusiasm and professionalism is greatly appreciated.


- Malia, Sacramento County Investor Seller


My realtor, Jeanie Russell, is fantastic! I can’t say enough great things about her. She is very professional, knowledgeable and strategic when it comes to attracting the right buyer and the right price for her clients. I have hired Jeanie three times, and each time she offered me great, solid advice and sold my condominiums for above asking, even when the market was unpredictable. More importantly, she found wonderful buyers to enjoy and take good care of my former homes.

If you’re serious about selling or purchasing a home, I highly recommend that you hire Jeanie because she will work quickly and successfully to meet your needs.

~ Diana Y., Seller, Oakland, Calif.

Dear Jeanie, You always have a thoughtful touch! We feel like we've known you for ever and it all started with a phone call from you. Thank you so much for being yourself and a wonderful friend to us. Your help and expertise have been endless. We truly appreciate all that you have done for us. With Warm Appreciation, A note to tell you thanks so much...Although the weekend was busy with the move, it was well worth it. We are in love with the house.The views are spectacular! It will be a lifetime of fun projects. Our neighbor stopped by to welcome us to the neighborhood and to remind us of garbage pick up. Really a nice guy. Thanks much! 
- Rich & Joanne, Santa Clara County Seller & Buyer
Jeanie, Thank you so much for your dedication and commitment to the ALC and the San Mateo Market Center. I am so lucky to have you on the team, 
 Lucky Us! It is said when a ladybug lands on your hand it brings good fortune; the number of spots representing the number of upcoming lucky months you will have. For years, farmers have seen these colorful, little beetles as good luck in preserving their harvests from crop and flower feeders. Much like the farmers knew they had struck luck in the ladybug, we know you're in the right "spot" with us! Thanks for landing on our team. 
Mary, Market Center Team Leader 

Jeanie, I want to thank you for all the help and advice you’ve offered. I have chosen an attorney and will reorg all of my financial obligations in bankruptcy, filing tomorrow. Thank you again for all your help. 

Tom, distressed San Jose home owner, avoided foreclosure